Windows Build Instructions

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Installing required packages

Adding repositories

Adding the following repositories enables you to install the mingw32 cross compiler tool-chain and a few other dependencies:

 sudo zypper addrepo
 sudo zypper addrepo
 sudo zypper addrepo

Updating your system

 sudo zypper refresh
 sudo zypper dist-upgrade

Installing the packages

If you don't have ccache install it (or remove it from the Toolchain file)

 sudo zypper install ccache 

To install all packages needed for compiling do

 sudo zypper source-install --build-deps-only mingw32-tomahawk-unstable

All packages needed for generating the installer are installed like this

 sudo zypper source-install --build-deps-only mingw32-tomahawk-player-installer

Building Tomahawk

Check out the source

 git clone

Build it

 mkdir tomahawk/build
 cd tomahawk/build
 cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../admin/win/Toolchain-mingw32-openSUSE.cmake ..

Building an installer

 make package

An installer with the filename tomahawk-x.y.z.exe will be created.