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The Eclipse Tomcat Plugin provides simple integration of a Tomcat servlet container for the development of Java web applications.

This project is an actively maintained fork of the original Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin.


  • Start and Stop toolbar icons
  • Debugging support
  • Easy setup


This plugin is available at the Eclipse Marketplace

Alternatively you can use the update site at

After the plugin was installed, please go to Window | Preferences | Tomcat and configure the path of your Tomcat installation.


Start, stop and restart Tomcat quickly from the toolbar.

Recent changes

  • Version 9.1.6
    • Feature: New icons
  • Version 9.1.5
    • Bugfix: Unable to open "JVM Settings" in Preferences in Eclipse 2020-09
  • Version 9.1.4
    • Bugfix: Persisting root and work directory works now for "Tomcat projects"
    • Bugfix: When a project is added to Tomcat's system classpath, add Tomcat's libraries to the system classpath, too.
  • Version 9.1.3
    • Feature: Signed jars
  • Version 9.1.2
    • Bugfix: webClassPathEntries can't be cleared
  • Version 9.1.1
    • Bugfix: Debug View shows "Tomcat 7.x" for Tomcat 8.x and 9.x
    • Bugfix: DevLoader does not work on Tomcat 8.5.4
    • Bugfix: Update Context fails with error if optional work dir is not specified
  • Version 9.1.0
    • Bugfix: fix Eclipse Neon compatibility issue
    • Feature: Support for Maven classpath management added
  • Version 9.0.1
    • Bugfix: fix compatibility issue with Eclipse Neon
  • Version 9.0.0
    • Feature: Add support for Tomcat 9
    • Change: The version number will now reflect the highest supported Tomcat version.