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Python bindings for Amazon Web Services
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Python bindings for Amazon Web Services

This project comprises a useful set of python scripts written to help me administer AWS S3 buckets, CloudFront distributions and EC2 instances. This is by no means an exhaustive set of features, rather this is simply a compendium of what I have found to be useful in dealing with AWS.

If your preference for AWS EC2 automation is for ruby & chef then check out as it duplicates all the capabilities of and using rake, net/ssh and Amazon's ruby aws-sdk, whilst using chef as a replacement for puppet.


$ ./go
Available commands:

    mco_ping          Run mcollective ping on the broker
    provision         Create named node that talks to activemq
    provision_broker  Setup an activemq connection broker
    start             Create and/or connect to a named node
    stop              Terminate a named node
    stop_all          Terminate all nodes

OR ./go <any local python script>


You should not need to do anything special except to invoke the ./go script. It should do the rest including setting up the required python libraries in a virtualenv environment.


  • These scripts have been written for Python 2.7.2 and may not work with other versions.
  • S3 scripts require BeautifulSoup.
  • CloudFront scripts require the Mako template library.
  • EC2 scripts additionally require both boto and fabric in order to provision and control multiple EC2 instances.


These scripts are covered by the MIT License.

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