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Breezy4Pi is a web based application that allows you to configure your Raspberry Pi and any attached hardware to run small programs with just clicks of your mouse.

Using Breezy4Pi, you can "attach" 3rd party boards to your Raspberry Pi and configure their inputs and outputs. You can also create small programs to manipulate these outputs and set up trigger events to execute your programs. For example, you can attach a relay board to your Pi, configure the Pi to know about your board and set up triggers, i.e button presses on an external control panel to run on/off sequences on your relays. This is all done by using Breezy's configuration editors.

As with all good independent software projects, the documentation sometimes lags behind the actual application. A current example of this is the use of the 'Line Out' component in the examples documentation. The current release of this application deprecates 'Line Out' and replaces it with functional equivalent of 'Digital Output'. 'Line Out' will be removed in a future release.

Also, immmediate plans are to add licensing for open source. I'm thinking of using GNU, but will need to research it a bit more. In the meantime, I ask that your use or modification of this application be restricted for non-commercial use only. If you wish to use or modify this application for commercial use, please contact me at:

Thank you.