role for finding loaded modules in global scope that 'does' some role or class, useful for modules that want to support hot swapping modules with minimal end user code
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This module is built for module authors that want to allow the module's audience to 'hot swap' modules with minimal code on their end. This module gathers specified types from the GLOBAL scope upon object creation and then makes them available to the module.


use Module::Does;

class A does Module::Does[HTTP::Server] {
  method listen {
    $.server = %!base-types<HTTP::Server>.new(:$.localhost, :$.localport, :listen);


When A is instantiated, the private variable %!base-types is populated with anything in the global scope that does HTTP::Server.

##Yea, but I want extra sauce, bro.

I got you.

use Module::Does;

class A does Module::Does[@(HTTP::Server => HTTP::Server::Async, CSV::Parser)] {
# ...

If a Pair is passed in, then the .key is sought in the global scope and only if nothing is found, then .value is used.

Notice in the second value that an array is given, this module lets you pass in multiple types to look for and can consist of class|Str|Pair.