Browser-side, event-driven JavaScript library for communicating with clopenbadger servers.
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This is a tiny, event-driven interface to the Clopenbadger API that can be used from Webmaker Applications to display earned & available badges for users, as well as credit user behaviors.


All prerequisites are contained in the vendor directory.

Currently this library needs requirejs, jquery, and a special module called backbone-events, which simply contains the Backbone.Events implementation. If your project already uses Backbone, you can use a much smaller version of the library, or you can create your own shim that uses your own eventing library as an implementation.

Optionally, this library supports the postmessage-proxied-xhr (PPX) library to allow browsers without CORS support to communicate with a Clopenbadger server on a different origin.


For any details not specified by the following documentation, see the test suite at test/all-tests.js for more information.


Create a Clopenbadger instance like this:

var badger = Clopenbadger(options);

options is an object with the following keys:

  • server - The URL to the server that hosts a Clopenbadger API, e.g. It should not have a / at the end.

  • token: The JSON Web Token to authenticate with the Clopenbadger server. Construction of this token is explained in the Clopenbadger API documentation.

  • email: The email address of the user that badge operations will be for.


A Clopenbadger instance emits the following events:

  • ready - Emitted once the Clopenbadger server has been contacted and initial metadata about available badges and earned badges has been retrieved. Mutually exclusive with the error event.

  • error - Emitted when an initialization error occurs. Mutually exclusive with the ready event.

  • change:availableBadges - Emitted when metadata about available badges has changed.

  • change:earnedBadges - Emitted when metadata about the current user's earned badges has changed.

  • change:unreadBadgeCount - Emitted when the number of new badges a user hasn't seen yet has changed.

  • award - Emitted when one or more badges have been awarded to the user. The single argument passed is an array of shortnames of the badges that have been awarded.


A Clopenbadger instance has the following methods:

  • credit(shortname) - Credits the behavior with the given shortname to the user. If a badge is awarded as a result of the credit, an award event is triggered.

  • markAllBadgesAsRead() - Marks all the user's badges as read (i.e., seen by the user). If the number of unread badges has changed as a result of this call, a change:unreadBadgeCount event is triggered.

  • getBadges() - Returns an array of objects containing combined metadata about badge types and issuance (if any) for the current user.


All of the following properties are read-only.

  • unreadBadgeCount - The number of unread badges that the user has.

  • availableBadges - An object mapping badge shortnames to their metadata. Information about issuance is not contained here.

  • earnedBadges - An object mapping earned badge shortnames to their issuance metadata.


The module at test/fake-clopenbadger-server.js provides a class that uses jQuery Ajax Transport middleware to run a fake Clopenbadger "server" in the embedding webpage and return fake responses. This is used by Clopenbadger's test suite, but may also be useful for testing your own code.