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  1. monodeploy monodeploy Public

    🚝 Like semantic-release and Lerna, but for Yarn modern workspaces

    TypeScript 103 7

  2. syrupy syrupy Public

    πŸ₯ž The sweeter pytest snapshot plugin

    Python 403 33

  3. with-immutable-props-to-js with-immutable-props-to-js Public

    😈 A higher-order component for keeping Immutable objects outside your presentational components

    JavaScript 76 6

  4. jenkins-timeline-plugin jenkins-timeline-plugin Public

    A build timeline to facilitate the inspection of Jenkins pipelines and identify bottlenecks.

    JavaScript 34 11

  5. RichTextView RichTextView Public archive

    iOS Text View (UIView) that Properly Displays LaTeX, HTML, Markdown, and YouTube/Vimeo Links

    Swift 1.2k 72

  6. sanity-runner sanity-runner Public

    Automate your sanity tests against a chrome browser running in AWS Lambda. Can be implemented into deployment pipelines for easy post-deploy tests or can be run on the regular to determine if your …

    TypeScript 40 4


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