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Express is a minimal Node.js framework for web and mobile applications.
OCTO Speaker Series - Simon Peyton-Jones
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OCTO Speaker Series - Simon Peyton-Jones

November 05, 2020 • Virtual

Computer science meets education, at scale. The UK is in the throes of a wholesale reform of school (K-12) education in computing, one that establishes computer science as a foundational discipline that all children learn from primary school onwards, just as they do maths and natural science. Join the live stream at 9:30am PT.
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lukasm91 commented Aug 24, 2019

GTest exports the following targets:

  • GTest::gtest
  • GTest::gtest_main
  • GTest::gmock
  • GTest::gmock_main

This targets should also be available when adding gtest with add_subdirectory (or FetchContent), because this should behave the same way as adding GTest with find_package. So somewhere, we should add the aliases to these targets, i.e.

add_library(GTest::gtest ALIAS 
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A modern desktop interface for Linux. Improve your user experience and get rid of the anarchy of traditional desktop workflows. Designed to simplify navigation and reduce the need to manipulate windows in order to improve productivity. It's meant to be 100% predictable and bring the benefits of tools coveted by professionals to everyone.

  • Updated Sep 19, 2020
  • JavaScript
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ezyang commented Aug 18, 2020
WARNING: /data/users/ezyang/pytorch-tmp/BUILD.bazel:580:1: in hdrs attribute of cc_library rule //:aten_headers: Artifact 
'bazel-out/k8-fastbuild/bin/aten/src/ATen/Config.h' is duplicated (through '//:aten/src/ATen/Config.h' and '//:aten_src_AT
en_config'). Since this rule was created by the macro 'cc_library', the error might have been caused by the macro implemen
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