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Game Off 2019 Highlights

Put your ninja skills to use and teleport from point to point in this retro-looking puzzle game. 2nd place overall in the GitHub Game Off.

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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language used most often to style and improve upon the appearance of views.
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patrakov commented Nov 18, 2019

The nss-myhostname currently says three important things:

  1. Various software relies on an always-resolvable local hostname.
  2. It is recommended to place "myhostname" last in the nsswitch.conf' "hosts:" line to make sure that this mapping is only used as fallback, and that any DNS or /etc/hosts based mapping takes precedence.
  3. With nss-myhostname enabled, changing /etc/hosts is unnecessary
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co16353sidak commented May 8, 2019

instead of keeping one solitary readme I the root folder, it would be better to add separate README to each folder.
what this would achieve would be that for someone interested in ciphers should open the folder and find details in the README specific to ciphers only.
This seems like an easy process of splitting the README into separate duplicates and then adding them to individual folders, I wou

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Shadnix-was-taken commented May 15, 2019

Tested with v.1.0.7

There is an unhandled exception when changing to the Mods tab while the BeatMods website is unreachable and returning HTTP error 502, which causes the application to crash. Any other HTTP error code might have the same result.

It would probably be better to catch that exception and inform the user, that the application was not able to reach the BeatMods website. Maybe eve

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HsunGong commented Sep 20, 2019


0 准备

如图1,在任务栏小图标中点击启动HTTP代理``开启代理。 如果成功,第一行启动HTTP代理`会打√。

image 1


1 使用全局模式


![image 2](

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UnHumbleBen commented Jan 11, 2020

If I specify chrome platform in dart_test.yaml, the tests run by the virtual environment fails:

'Failed to load "test/reducer_test.dart":
  Failed to run Chrome: No such file or directory
    Command: google-chrome --user-data-dir=/tmp/dart_test_CMARKO http://localhost:41421/jcX5JOhelDwsysczN6MgRzGHJr7UNIsO/packages/test/src/runner/browser/static/index.html?managerUrl=ws%3A%2F%2Flocalh
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