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Help fund and support development Skeleton Labs and their contributions to the Skeleton UI toolkit library.
Hey there, I'm Jared! I'm a DevOps Engineer from Bolivar, Missouri. I primarily work with AWS, Java, and JavaScript/TypeScript, but also do some other coding on the side.
Sylius is an Open Source, Headless eCommerce Platform for mid-market and enterprise brands that need professional development of custom solutions.
I write programs and contribute to projects that allow people to use the fruits of technology with sovereignty, that means: transparently, securely, privately and independently. You can support me in this endeavor. Let's change the world!
Maintaining @AnySoftKeyboard. Working at @SpotifyEng. I enjoy tech, books, music and hiding from my two kids.
Hej, I'm Leandro (@leostera) and I'm making Caramel, a functional language for building type-safe, scalable, and maintainable applications on the Erlang VM.
dev from Austria | she/her | twitter: [aurora_smiles_]( )
Nuxt is an open source Web Framework based on Vue.js. Its goal is to make web development intuitive and performant with the best developer experience in mind.
I'm open-sourcing the projects that help people learn. Learn about algorithms and get prepared for technical interviews better, or learn Python syntax and start experimenting with machine learning, etc.
Rocket.Chat is free, unlimited and open source. Replace email, HipChat & Slack with the ultimate team chat software solution.
Flarum is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun. It's simple, fast, and free.
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