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developer. differently-abled activist. entrepreneur. Full stack AWS engineer with front end specialty. Builder of accessible spaces especially in media industry.
DDEV is a local web development tool for PHP, Python, Javascript, and HTML developers
Specialized IT security company focusing on Cyber Defense. We assist detection engineers & incident responders with real-world expertise. Committed to open source, sharing ideas through published projects for collective cybersecurity advancement.
Support CodeEdit, the open source, free forever, macOS native app.
Bitcoin and the web walk into a bar. The bartender issues a request, Bitcoin responds "payment required." The web cries in relief.
I've open-sourced things like libraries (for Elm and JavaScript), learning materials (for Elm and Rust, with Creative Commons licenses), and a language ( I'm very grateful for all the appreciation people have shown for them! ❤️
Hi, my name is Kevin. I am a big OSS enthusiast, Testcontainers core-maintainer, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, and currently pursuing my Ph.D. in computer science in the field of distributed systems engineering.
Plenti is a Static Site Generator (SSG) that aims to make creating your own website easy and cheap.
Proudly serving the Internet community since 1999 with core infrastructure tools for DNS and BGP.
Author of Termonad and pretty-simple Haskell libraries. Maintainer of Haskell ecosystem in Nixpkgs.
Just a student working on some open source projects in his spare time
Creator of Fusion, Vanilla, the Elttob Suite and Blox. Building Roblox projects with design, sound, and code.
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