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This project is abandoned in favor of i18n-js:




Babilu converts all your translations into JavaScript so you can use them on
the client side. It mimicks the Ruby/Rails I18n API and works in pretty much the
same way:

I18n.defaultLocale // "en"
I18n.locale // Whatever the locale has been set to on the server

I18n.t('hello') // "Hello World"
I18n.t('messages.invalid', {scope:['activerecord', 'errors']})  // "is invalid"
I18n.t('activerecord.errors.template.header', {count:4, model:'pony'}) // "4 errors prohibited this pony from being saved"

I18n.translations.en.ponies = {one: 'I have a pony', other: 'I have %{count} ponies'};
I18n.t('ponies', {count:5}) // "I have 5 ponies"

The only difference is that because JavaScript doesn't have symbols we can't
easily differentiate between keys and values in the "defaultValue" option. A workaround
is used in which strings starting with ":" are considered to be keys and are used for
looking up additional translations:

I18n.t('doesntexist', {defaultValue:'humbaba'}) // "humbaba"
I18n.t('doesntexist', {defaultValue:':hello'}) // "Hello world"
I18n.t('doesntexist', {defaultValue:[':alsodoesntexist', 'The Sasqutch: Fact or Fiction?']}) // "The Sasquatch: Fact or Fiction?"

This plugin depends on http://github.com/toretore/lucy

Copyright (c) 2008 Tore Darell, released under the MIT license