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SpeedMetal - Benchmark tests for TorqueBox and Competitors
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These instructions are for running a benchmark against a single server. You'll need to repeat the instructions for each server you want to benchmark, substituting in the specific server installation instructions from the next section.

Launch RDS Instance

Engine: mysql
DB Instance Class: db.m1.large
DB Engine Version: 5.1.57 (default) Auto Minor Version Upgrade: Yes
Multi-AZ Deployment: No

Allocated Storage: 5 GB
DB Instance Identifier: whatever
Master User Name: benchmarks
Master User Password: benchmarks

Database Name: benchmark
Database Port: 3306
Availability Zone: same as other instances
DB Parameter Group: default
DB Security Group: benchmarks (new one created that only gives access
from machines in benchmarks EC2 security group)

Backup Retention Period: 0 days
Maintenance Window: No Preference

Launch Tsung Instance

Launch instance of ami-0316d86a with size m1.large. When SSHing into the instance, make sure to use Agent Forwarding so we can SSH from the Tsung instance to other instances without a password. For this to work on my Mac, I had to

ssh-add ~/.ssh/my_ec2_key.pem

Login to the instance as the 'ec2-user' user then run the script.

curl -o
chmod +x
./ server_instance_private_ip_address

Launch Server Instance

Launch instance of 'ami-0316d86a' with size c1.xlarge in the same availability zone and security group as the Tsung instance.

Login to the instance as the 'ec2-user' user then run the script.

curl -o
chmod +x
./ server_type rds_instance_ip_address
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