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Simple Twitter clone using Ruby on Rails 5.
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Rails Twitter Clone

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This implementation is based on Ruby on Rails Tutorial.


Check out this repository and then,

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rails db:migrate
$ bundle exec rails server


This application doesn't provide many features in order to keep it simple. Here are the features that it does include:

  • See timeline
  • Post new tweet
  • Follow/Unfollow user

Used gem

For template

  • slim

For CSS Style

  • bootstrap-sass
  • font-awesome-sass

For testing

  • capybara
  • factory_bot
  • faker
  • rspec
  • simplecov

For debugging

  • bullet
  • pry-byebug
  • pry-rails
  • web-console

See more details on Gemfile.


$ bundle exec rspec

Data reset and sample data creation

$ bundle exec rails db:reset    # Data reset
$ bundle exec rails db:populate # Create sample data
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