client module for sending authentication requests to township API servers
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Township Auth Client Module

Travis npm

Client library to login, register, and change passwords for users using township auth server(s).


  • Manage user credentials for many Township servers.
  • Login, Register, and Change Password auth requests.
  • Login information is persisted to a configuration file.


var TownshipClient = require('township-client')
var client = TownshipClient({
  server: '' // Set default server on init
  config: {
    filename: '.townshiprc' 
    // config file stored in user homedir. 
    // uses localstorage if in browser

  email: '',
  password: 'Iheartcoffee'
}, function (err, res, body) {
  if (err) return console.error('Register error', err)
  console.log('Registered successfully with ', body.key, body.token)

  email: '',
  password: 'Iheartcoffee'
}, function (err, res, body) {
  if (err) return console.error('Login error', err)
  console.log('Logged in successfully!')


var township = Township(opts)

Options include:

opts = {
  server: '',// Township API server
  config: {
    filename: '.townshiprc', // configuration filename (stored in os homedir)
    filepath: '~/.townshiprc' // specify a full config file path 
  routes: { // routes for ALL township servers used by client
    register: '/register',
    login: '/login',
    updatePassword: '/updatepassword'

opts.server can be set once on initialization or during each request. The client can handle multiple servers. opts.server can be passed with each request if the request should go to a different server than the client was initialized with.

Auth Requests

township.register(opts, cb)

Register a user and receive a token. and opts.password required.

township.login(opts, cb)

Login a registered user. and opts.password required

township.logout(opts, cb)

Logout from a server. Will logout of current server or opts.server, if provided.

township.changePassword(opts, cb)

Reset password for a registered user., opts.password, and opts.newPassword required. User must have a valid login token saved before changing password.

township.secureRequest(opts, cb)

Make a secure request to the server. opts are passed to the request function. The opts should include opts.method and opts.url.

opts.url will be prefixed by the auth server if not already.


Get login information for a server. If no server is specified, returns current login info (from the most recent login or register action).