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Non-GNU toolchain

The goal of this project is to build a toolchain that can build Linux kernel, a minimal userspace (e.g. nenuzhnix) and ultimately itself without using any GNU software.


Requirements: x86_64 Linux distro with at least 6Gb of RAM and a lot of time.

Instructions: run ./, this will set up the build environment, download toolchain source code and compile it.

What is included

  • musl libc
  • clang compiler
  • lld linker

What is not included

  • Any code from glibc
  • Any code from gcc or libgcc
  • Any code from GNU binutils

What works

  • C code compilation
  • C++ code compilation


Platform support

x86 ARM
32 bit
64 bit +
  • x86_64

Language support

  • C
  • C++
  • (not yet) Rust
  • (not yet) Go
  • (not yet) D