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block: the static blog creation software

block is an integrated script for blog creation. It offers:

  • writing articles in Git Flavored Markdown in vim
  • generation of
    • html
    • atom feed
  • synchronization with the web server
  • display of the generated web page

block doesn't do much itself but relies on other tools to do most of its work. It depends on:


installation (under Debian)

apt-get install rsync vim node-marked
git clone
cd block
mkdir ~/.block && cp config ~/.block/config
vim ~/.block/config  # configure to match your
                     # local context

now you can write your first article:



article new                     # Write a new article
article to html "article"       # Output article in html form
                                # to stdout.
article to atom "article.html"  # Output html in atom form
                                # to stdout.
block                           # Edit new article and build
                                # blog and preview.
block home                      # Show block's home directory
                                # use as: cd "`block home`".
block publish                   # Publish blog.
block rebuild                   # Rebuild blog from articles.


~/.block/config                 # Configuration file. Needs to
                                # set the following variables:
block_home=/home/joe/block      # Path to block directory
                                # Rsync style destination, where
                                # the generated site will be
                                # rsynced to.
                                # Site URL
                                # rsynced to.

directory layout

block/input/articles            # your articles
block/input/bits                # stuff (images etc.) that you can
                                # refer to from youryour articles
block/input/templates           # templates from which the html pages
                                # and the atom feed will be
                                # assembled. You'll want to edit
                                # these.

project home: