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ebpfpub is a generic function tracing library for Linux that supports tracepoints, kprobes and uprobes.

CI Status



  • A recent libc++ or stdc++ library, supporting C++17
  • CMake >= 3.16.2. A pre-built binary can be downloaded from the CMake's download page.
  • Linux kernel >= 4.18 (Ubuntu 18.10, CentOS 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8).
    • Test for the support: grep BPF /boot/config-`uname -r` and check the output for CONFIG_BPF=y and CONFIG_BPF_SYSCALL=y
  • The package libz-dev, needed during linking.
  • Optional, but highly recommended: download and install the osquery-toolchain (see below).
    • This should work fine on any recent Linux distribution. The binaries generated with this toolchain are portable and can be deployed on any distro >= CentOS 6/Ubuntu 16.04
  • If not using the osquery-toolchain (if building with the system toolchain):
    • Clang and the C++ library must both support C++17. Recent distributions should be compatible (tested on Arch Linux, Ubuntu 19.10 and above).
    • A recent Clang/LLVM installation (8.0 or better), compiled with BPF support.
      • Test for the support: llc --version | grep bpf and check that BPF is listed as a registered target.
      • Please note that LLVM itself must be compiled with libc++ when enabling the EBPF_COMMON_ENABLE_LIBCPP option, since ebfpub will directly link against the LLVM libraries.
    • The packages llvm-devel (for LLVMConfig.cmake files), llvm-static (for additional LLVM libraries), and ncurses-devel (for libtinfo)

Installing the osquery-toolchain

As root:

cd /tmp
tar -xf /tmp/ebpfpub/build/osquery-toolchain-1.1.0-x86_64.tar.xz -C /opt

Dependencies (retrieved with git)

Steps to Build

  1. Obtain the source code: git clone --recursive
  2. If you cloned the repo without the --recursive flag, run git submodule update --init --recursive
  3. Enter the source folder: cd ebpfpub
  4. Create and enter the build folder: mkdir build && cd build
  5. Configure the project: cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=RelWithDebInfo -DEBPF_COMMON_TOOLCHAIN_PATH:PATH=/opt/osquery-toolchain -DEBPFPUB_ENABLE_INSTALL:BOOL=true -DEBPFPUB_ENABLE_EXAMPLES:BOOL=true -DEBPF_COMMON_ENABLE_TESTS:BOOL=true .. (remove -DEBPF_COMMON_TOOLCHAIN_PATH:PATH=/opt/osquery-toolchain if you are building with the system toolchain)
  6. Build the project: cmake --build . -j $(($(nproc) + 1))
  7. Run the tests: cmake --build . --target run-ebpf-common-tests

Building the package

Prerequisites for packaging

  • DEB: dpkg command
  • RPM: rpm command
  • TGZ: tar command

Steps to package

Make sure that the -DEBPFPUB_ENABLE_INSTALL:BOOL=true parameter has been passed at configure time, then run the following commands inside the build folder:

mkdir install
export DESTDIR=`realpath install`

cd build
cmake --build . --target install

Configure the packaging project:

mkdir package
cd package

cmake -DEBPFPUB_INSTALL_PATH:PATH="${DESTDIR}" /path/to/source_folder/package_generator
cmake --build . --target package


ebpfpub is a generic function tracing library for Linux that supports tracepoints, kprobes and uprobes.








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