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importers/network_rail Add gemfile.lock for app
views Minor javascript refactoring on landing page
.gitignore ignore mac crap
LICENSE Add some basic FreeBSD license.
Procfile Reomve app.js, add Procfile Outsources routes
manifest.yml Add journeys route (currently returning JSON)
package.json resolving coffeescript dependencies on cf Testing an IM service hook. sorry Set default location in case geolocation fails
server.js resolving coffeescript dependencies on cf


What if you could check into trains like you can check into places that don't move all the time?

Think of the possibilities!

A hack, hurriedly thrown together at offtherails, in London.

What next

  • look up locations with Foursquare
  • link it to foursquare as a connected app
  • add in geolocation
  • think about how to avoid filling up mongodb too quickly
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