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What is did:actor API?

This API is for testing interoperability regarding a related W3C TR and W3C CCG Work items. Specifically W3C CCG Traceability Interoperability Profile which uses the following standards:

🚨🚧🚧🚧🚨 WARNING 🚨🚧🚧🚧🚧🚨

This repository has been built for testing purposes. As such security precautions have been intentionally left out for illustrative puposes. The implementation of the VC-API used for did:actor should not be used outside of a testing / demonstration context.


git clone
npm i
npm run dev

Resolve a did:key

curl -s 'http://localhost:3000/identifiers/did:key:z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' | jq

Should respond with

  "didDocument": {
    "@context": [
    "id": "did:key:z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn",
    "verificationMethod": [
        "id": "did:key:z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn#z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn",
        "type": "JsonWebKey2020",
        "controller": "did:key:z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn",
        "publicKeyJwk": {
          "kty": "OKP",
          "crv": "Ed25519",
          "x": "0-e2i2_Ua1S5HbTYnVB0lj2Z2ytXu2-tYmDFf8f5NjU"
        "id": "did:key:z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn#z6LSt8Cke1XG6vthTpdek9xx6a5NKz8gEuYPQHJPhRjfREAC",
        "type": "JsonWebKey2020",
        "controller": "did:key:z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn",
        "publicKeyJwk": {
          "kty": "OKP",
          "crv": "X25519",
          "x": "9GXjPGGvmRq9F6Ng5dQQ_s31mfhxrcNZxRGONrmH30k"
    "assertionMethod": [
    "authentication": [
    "capabilityInvocation": [
    "capabilityDelegation": [
    "keyAgreement": [
  "didResolutionMetadata": {
    "didUrl": {
      "did": "did:key:z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn",
      "methodName": "key",
      "methodSpecificId": "z6MktiSzqF9kqwdU8VkdBKx56EYzXfpgnNPUAGznpicNiWfn"
  "didDocumentMetadata": {}


This example API has been built with Next.js and Material UI. This repository is set up for deployment on either Vercel or as a Docker container.


For deployment on Vercel, the app deploys as a normal nextjs app and can be deployed by following the Vercel documentation

Docker Container

To build a container, the following steps should be taken:

$ docker build -t [TAG_NAME]:[VERSION] .


There are a number of configuration options that are set from environment variables to simplify deployment in both docker. These options allow changing branding, enabling features, and enabling authenticaion.

At the moment, only Auth0 is supported for authentication.

The configuration is read into the app in ./components/config.tsx. Required or variables that would normally be set are detailed below, though additional config options are covered in the component to allow for future developemnt or 'untested' functionality.

Config values listed below are in the format of application variable name | enviornment variable name


  • mnemonic | DID_MNEMONIC: sets the mnemonic used to derive key material - ideally this should be sourced from a secure location and should be treated as a private key


  • domain| VC_DOMAIN: what domain should be used for did:web and others, e.g. ''
  • auth_enabled| VC_AUTH_ENABLED: is authentication enabled - if so, normal Auth0 environment variables should also be set per this example


  • title | THEME_TITLE: main application title to use
  • logo | THEME_LOGO: main logo to use
  • logo_dark | THEME_LOGO_DARK: logo to use on dark backgorunds
  • theme | THEME: general theme to use, e.g. 'dark' or 'light'
  • header_show | THEME_HEADER_SHOW: show header or not on api doc pages
  • header_color | THEME_HEADER_COLOR: Header color
  • font | THEME_FONT: main font name from Google Fonts
  • mono | THEME_MONO: mono font name from Google Fonts
  • bg | THEME_BG: Primary Background color
  • bg_nav | THEME_BG_NAV: Nav element backgroun color
  • fg | THEME_FG: Foreground/Text color
  • primary | THEME_PRIMARY: Primary color
  • secondary | THEME_SECONDARY: Secondary color
  • accent | THEME_ACCENT: Accent color
  • footer | THEME_FOOTER: What footer to use on pages that have it present


  • enabled | VC_STORAGE_ENABLED: Is a storage backend enabled or not?
  • driver | VC_STORAGE_DRIVER: what driver to use for storage?
  • connection_string | VC_STORAGE_CONNECTION_STRING: if a connection string is required for the storage driver, what is it?

Static Resources / Resource Overrides

The contents of the folders prefixed ./local_* will be coppied over to the docker container on build.

This is especially useful for static resources in the case of ./local_public


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