grey color sucks on rm's dark terminal #55

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trentm commented Nov 5, 2012


rm: """I personally would probably just never enable colors.
Or at least, I'd rather have no color then what's there.
I find it hard to read."""

Suggest a BUNYAN_NO_COLOR env var.... or eventually a ~/.bunyanrc file support. But the envvar would be quicker to support.

Me: """originally the idea was that all the "extra" keys were bonus secondary data. However, really, the "extra" fields are becoming the meat. I.e. it argues for having the extra bits stand out more and the boilerplate, if anything, be the less obvious gray."""

rmustacc commented Nov 6, 2012

If we want an env var, an idea that finally came to mind was BUNYAN_COLORBLIND. If I'm going to be on a tty colors rampage, might as well at least be willing to poke fun at myself (plus I think I might remember that).


trentm commented Nov 6, 2012

I was thinking BUNYAN_NO_COLOR to mirror the 'bunyan --no-color' option name.


trentm commented Nov 13, 2012

This is in 0.16.5.

trentm closed this Nov 13, 2012

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