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GeoCam Share

The GeoCam Project helps disaster responders get information faster by sharing maps, photos, and other data using their mobile devices. The GeoCam team is part of the NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group, and the project is funded by Google. To best serve the wide range of public safety agencies, NGOs, and citizen responders, GeoCam software is released open source and interoperates using open standards.

GeoCam Share, our software platform, currently includes the following apps:

  • GeoCam Lens: Share photos taken on your cell phone, tagged with position and which way the camera was pointed. Add notes, select an icon to appear in the map, and queue the photo for automatic upload when a data network becomes available. (Web app and native app for Android mobile devices.)
  • GeoCam Track: View live position of your team members as reported by the GPS in their mobile devices. (Web app and native app for Android mobile devices.)

This geocamShare repository holds the web app components of the GeoCam Share app collection. The native Android apps are in a separate repository called geocamMobileForAndroid. To see the master copy of all our repositories, visit http://github.com/geocam .

For more information about geocamShare, see:

For more information about the GeoCam Project:

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