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A cli to setup, and generate new components for, a thruster app. Still a work in progress, so please report bugs!


  • Clone this repository
  • Run:
> cargo install --path . --force

Quick Start

To make a simple project with a "Messages" model, simply run:

> thruster-cli init test-project
> thruster-cli component message
> thruster-cli migrate

To develop locally (i.e. faster build,) run

> docker-compose up -d postgres
> cargo run

Or, to use docker entirely, you can run

> docker-compose up


Creating a new project

This will create a new project using:

> thruster-cli init ProjectName

Note: This installs the project pointing towards the default database of


This can be updated at any time in the generated .env file.

Creating a new component

> thruster-cli component User
> thruster-cli migrate

Running migrate is important because it generates schema populated from the database.

Running the app

The whole app is initialized using docker and docker-compose, so you can simply run:

> docker-compose up

If you prefer to run outside of a container, you can run

> cargo run

Just like a normal rust project. Make sure you have postgres running as well so your server has a DB!

Using for async

Commands are the same, just add --async as a flag! For example,

> thruster-cli init --async ProjectName
> thruster-cli component --async SomeComponent
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