The W3C Geometry Interfaces implemented in JavaScript and polyfilled.
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Geometry Interfaces

The W3C Geometry Interfaces implemented in JavaScript and polyfilled.

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If you're using a module system, just import the library after installing it from NPM:

import 'geometry-interfaces' // ES2015 Modules
// or
require('geometry-interfaces') // CommonJS
// or
define(['geometry-interfaces'], () => {}) // AMD

You can also clone this repo, then you'll see a global.js file in the root of the project that you can copy over to your project and load with a <script> tag, for example:

<script src='global.js'></script>

(You can rename the file of course.)

The global.js file is usually the one shipped with the last tagged version. Execute npm run build-global to update the file using the latest content in the repo.

If you don't want to polyfill everything and you're using a module system (f.e. Rollup, Webpack, Browserify, etc), import whatever you need directly:

import DOMMatrix from 'geometry-interfaces/DOMMatrix'


Disclaimer: I'm implementing these interfaces/APIs on an as-needed basis, so this project may not currently include all of the interfaces or APIs.

Consider bringing the web forward by making a pull request to add missing interfaces, APIs, or performance improvements (especially on the matrix calculations). :]


The word "dommetry" is a play on the words "geometry" and "DOMMatrix" put together. :D