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Aranea is a fast and clean dns spoofing tool.
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Aranea - Fast dns spoofing tool
(c) 2011 Emanuele Acri <>

Project site:

General description:

Aranea is a fast DNS Spoofing tool, based on libpcap.
It's multithread, clean, and very flexible.
It uses regular expressions to specify hostnames.


To compile the tool you need only libpcap-dev.
On debian you can install the dependencies with:

# apt-get install libpcap-dev

Using only libpcap to inject packets, the tool can be easily compiled
on platform on every platform supported by the library.


Aranea is very simple to use.
It must be run as root, specifying at least the option '-f':

# aranea -f hosts.txt

where 'hosts.txt' is a correctly formatted hosts-file.

The hosts-file format used by aranea is very similar to /etc/hosts,
the major difference is that domain names are regular expressions and not
play strings.

For example, if you want to redirect the host and its subdomains
to (may the cutest kitten win!) you must add to the hosts-file
a line similar to this one: google\.com

Instead of the wildcards you can use '.+' to match a generic sequence
of characters.

For example, a global redirection to (unhealthy idea...)
looks like this: .

If you need more informations about regular expressions, an excellent reference is 

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