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Tschallacka's Formtools

These formtools can be useful for expanding your backend forms with the
functionality they provide. Just drop this repository in your plugins directory
or install it via the backend plugin manager in your OctoberCMS installation.

If you wish to run the PhpUnit tests to verify if everything works after working
on a pull request, make sure you run it on a version of October that has the
./tests directory(a composer install or a git clone).

To run the PHPUnit tests browse to this directory and execute ../../../vendor/bin/phpunit

Current features of this OctoberCMS plugin:

  • Colorpicker
    A simple color picker that allows the selection of an RGBA color and that is
    stored in text format: rgba(164, 194, 244, 0.43)
    type: tsch_color_picker

  • Filtered Checkbox List
    Just like the original checkboxlist and the code is also based Octobers checkboxlist element.
    It only adds a search functionality through the options and a way to hide unselected items or selected items.
    type: tsch_filtered_checkboxlist