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Micropub client for the terminal
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entries is an open-source Micropub client for the terminal (source code)

Built as a client for but should work with any Micropub server.


  • Zero configuration (everything is "guessed" from the URL)
  • Create/update/delete articles directly within your favorite $EDITOR
  • Created with article microformats2 objects in mind
  • Support the mp-slug extension


The easiest way to install (and use) entries is to use pipx:

$ pipx install entries

Or using pip (requires Python3+):

$ pip install entries


See the help.

$ entries -h

# Create a new article
$ entries create https://mywebsite.tld

# Update an article
$ entries update https://mywebsite.tld/posts/1

# Delete an article
$ entries delete https://mywebsite.tld/posts/1
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