MLG Soundboard using Web Audio API
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MLG Soundboard using Web Audio API


This features a simple soundboard using Web Sound API and distortion effects. You can find the distortion effects on


You don't need to install anything. Just visit If you want to create your own soundboard pull this git repository. Change the sound & sourcefiles in board.js, add an own loading.gif and host your own soundboard.


It's tested on Firefox 32.0 (current version) and Chrome 34 (current) and will work likely for future version. Other browsers don't seem to work because they haven't implemented the Web Audio API, yet.

Alternative implementations


  • Thanks to leee for fixing an incorrect source link.
  • Thanks to torleif for adding a feature to stop the sound
  • Thanks to daylostar for letting me know about the shut down of
  • Thanks to Hydrothermal for optimizing the code a bit
  • Thanks to numerous people from /r/montageparodies for idea for new sounds

Requests / Questions

If you have any questions or requests open an issue, message me on reddit (/u/tst__) or shout really really loud out your window.