@tstack tstack released this Mar 30, 2014 · 964 commits to master since this release

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  • Add the '.schema' SQL command to open a view that displays the schema
    for the internal tables and any attached databases. If lnav was only
    executed with a SQLite database and no text files, this view will open
    by default.
  • The scroll bar now indicates the location of errors/warnings, search
    hits, and bookmarks.
  • The xterm title is update to reflect the file name for the top line
    in the view.
  • Added a "headless" mode so that you can execute commands and run SQL
    queries from the command-line without having to do it from the curses
  • When doing a search or SQL query, any text that is currently being
    displayed can be tab-completed.
  • The '-H' option was added so you can view the internal help text.
  • Added the 'g/G' hotkeys to move to the top/bottom of the file.
  • Added a 'log_mark' column to the log tables that indicates whether or
    not a log message is bookmarked. The field is writable, so you can
    bookmark lines using an SQL UPDATE query.
  • Added syntax-highlighting when editing SQL queries or search regexes.
  • Added a "write-json-to" command that writes the result of a SQL query
    to a JSON-formatted file.
  • The "elapsed time" column now uses red/green coloring to indicate
    sharp changes in the message rate.
  • Added a "set-min-log-level" command to filter out log messages that
    are below a given level.


  • Performance improvements.
  • Multi-line filtering has been fixed.
  • A collator has been added to the log_level column in the log tables
    so that you can write expressions like "log_level > 'warning'".
  • The log_time datetime format now matches what is returned by
    "datetime('now')" so that collating works correctly.
  • If a search string is not valid PCRE syntax, a search is done for
    the exact string instead of just returning an error.
  • Static-linking has been cleaned up.
  • OpenSSL is no longer a requirement.
  • Alpha support for Windows/cygwin.
  • Environment variables can now be accessed in SQL queries using
    the syntax: $VAR_NAME
  • An internal log is kept and written out on a crash.
  • Partition bookmarks are now tracked separately from regular user
    bookmarks. You can start a partition with the 'partition-name'
    command and remove it with the 'clear-partition' command.
  • Improved display of possible matches during tab-completion in the
    command-prompt. The matches are now shown in a separate view and
    pressing tab repeatedly will scroll through the view.
  • The "open" command now does shell word expansion for file names.
  • More config directory paths have been added: /etc/lnav,
    $prefix/etc/lnav, and directories passed on the command-line with -I.