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SC-CoMIcs: A Superconductivity Corpus for Materials Informatics



  • python 3.7.3
  • CUDA 10.1
pip install -r requirements.txt
# If installation of PyTorch fails, please retry the command below.
pip install torch==1.6.0+cu101 torchvision==0.7.0+cu101 -f
# Install "en_core_sci_sm" of ScispaCy.
pip install

(* Virtual environment such as pyenv is recommended.)

Data download

Download text files (1000 abstracts) from []. Abstracts can be download for the research purpose under CC BY-NC 3.0. Then, copy the 1000 text files into sc-comics/data/sccomics where corresponding .ann files are already there.

Named entity/Relation/Event Extraction by DyGIE++

Official GitHub repository of DyGIE++:

Our experiments are based on author's official implementation. If you want to reproduce our results, please refer to the original repository above.

The source code for data format conversion and the evaluation program are provided by us. The training configuration file used in our experiments are also available.

Data format conversion from ann to jsonl

cd ./dygiepp/src
python source_dir target_dir dataset --main
  • source_dir: Directory path where the ann files are placed
  • target_dir: Directory path where the jsonl files will be saved
  • dataset: dataset name
  • --main: Specify to distinguish between the named entity classes "Main" and "Element".


python ../../data/sccomics/5-fold_CV/ ../data/sccomics/ sc-wo-main

Here, for some reason, the directory name is "5-fold_CV" but actually, we are doing 10-fold cross validation. This is a bit confusing but there is a good reason behind this. You see the reason in the test section.

For the training with DyGIE++, we do not distinguish "Main" from "Element". "--main" option should be specified when you generate data for the Main Material Identification.


python ../../data/sccomics/5-fold_CV/ ../../data/main_clf/5-fold_CV/ sc-w-main --main

Training with DyGIE++

For the 10-fold cross-validation, we defined 10 configuration files in the training_config directory. For exmaple, sccomics-f1.jsonnet specifies dev1/1.jsonl (#001-#100) for test, dev1/2.jsonl (#101-#200) for development, and train1.jsonl (remaining 800 data) for training.

To train for testing on Fold 1,

bash scripts/ sccomics-f1

Note that, DiGIE++ returns an error if the model directory named "sccomics-f1" already exists in the models directory. When you encounter this error, change the existing model directory or remode if not neccesarry.

See test data scores with allennlp

Here, the test dataset for 10-fold CV are named as Fold 1=dev1/1.jsonl, Fold 2=dev1/2.jsonl, Fold 3=dev2/1.jsonl, Fold 4=dev2/2.jsonl, Fold 5=dev3/1.jsonl, Fold 6=dev2/2.jsonl, Fold 7=dev4/1.jsonl, Fold 8=dev4/2.jsonl, Fold 9=dev5/1.jsonl, Fold 10=dev5/2.jsonl.

To evaluate on a fold (here, Fold 1) test data, we use an allennlp evaluate command.

allennlp evaluate models/sccomics-f1/model.tar.gz data/sccomics/dev1/1.jsonl --cuda-device 0 --include-package dygie --output-file models/sccomics-f1/metrics_test_f1.json

Prediction with allennlp

To generate prediction output in the DyGIE format, we use an allennlp predict command.

allennlp predict models/sccomics-f1/model.tar.gz data/sccomics/dev1/1.jsonl --predictor dygie --cuda-device 0 --include-package dygie --use-dataset-reader --output-file models/sccomics-f1/prediction_test_f1.jsonl --silent

Data format conversion from jsonl to ann

cd src/
python source_path
  • source_path: Path to the jsonl file to be converted

* Before executing the above command, the save directory must be created and the text files corresponding to the jsonl files must be placed in that directory.


Create a save directry with the stem of the prediction file.

mkdir -p ../models/sccomics-f1/prediction_test_f1

Copy text files (i.e. abstracts) to the save directory.

cp -a ../data/sccomics/5-fold_CV/dev1/1/*.txt models/sccomics-f1/prediction_test_f1/
cd src/
python ../models/sccomics-f1/prediction_test_f1.jsonl

Calculate detailed scores


python prediction_ann_dir gold_ann_dir result_dir

Each fold:

python ../models/sccomics-f1/prediction_test_f1/ ../../data/sccomics/5-fold_CV/dev1/1 ../models/sccomics-f1/

Total score: After conducting the training-prediction steps for all the folds.

mkdir ../results
mkdir ../results/prediction_test_all
cp -a  ../models/sccomics-f*/prediction_test_f*/* ../results/prediction_test_all/
python ../results/prediction_test_all/  ../../data/sccomics/  ../results/

Main Material Identification (MMI)

cd ./main_clf


  1. Data format conversion from ann to conll.
cd ./src/data_process
python source_dir target_dir
  • source_dir: Directory path where the ann files are placed
  • target_dir: Directory path where the conll files will be saved.


python ../../../data/sccomics/ ../../../data/main_clf/
  1. Traning configurelation
  • Edit the configuration file below.
cd ../
vim ./config/train.conf
  1. Training
env CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python train.conf


  1. Test configuration
  • Edit the configuration file below.
cd ./src
vim ./config/test.conf
  1. Prediction and Evaluation
  • Accuracy, Recall, Precision and F1 score are calculated.
  • The result will be output as "correct" directory if all classification in the abstract are successful, or as "incorrect" if they are not.
env CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python test.conf
acc: 0.9427184466019417
rec: 0.7014925373134329
prec: 0.831858407079646
f1: 0.7611336032388664
  1. Data format conversion from conll to ann
cd ./data_process
python conll_dir text_dir
  • conll_dir: Directory path where the conll files are placed
  • text_dir: Directory path where the text files corresponding to the conll files are placed

Slot Extraction

cd ./slot_ext

Integration of prediction results from DyGIE++ and MMI model

cd ./src
python dygiepp_dir mmi_dir save_dir
  • dygiepp_dir: Directory path where the ann files of the predictions made by DyGIE++ are placed
  • mmi_dir: Directory path where the ann files of the predictions made by MMI model are placed
  • save_dir: Directory path to save the integrated ann files

Rule based slot extraction

cd ./src
python data_name data_dir save_dir
  • data_name: dataset name
  • data_dir: Directory path where the integrated ann/text files are placed
  • save_dir: Directory path to save the json files


python sccomics ../../data/sccomics/ ../extracted/