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masterpassword for firefox

Master Password implemented as a Firefox extension

This is a firefox addon implementing the masterpassword algorithm invented by Maarten Billemont. You can visit his website at

Please note that this plugin is not affiliated with Mr Billemont

Unfortunately I have had very little time for this project in the last few years. It works pretty good, so I'll probably just fix ciritical issues for the forseable future. With that said, there are a lot of good suggestions in the issues list and you'll probably get far even without mad javascript skills. I will appreciate any and all pull requests and would be happy to assist, answer questions etc.

Regardings adoptions for Firefox on Android: Personally I have no interest for it, but again pull requests will be accepted as long as they don't deteriorate the experence on desktop versions.


Support for Firefox version before v51 was dropped with the 2.1 release of masterpassword for firefox.

Download from the Mozilla addon store:

or from the github release pages


Please refer to the wiki