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Atom package for integration with Talon (


  • Clone the repository under ~/.atom/packages/ and restart Atom

  • Copy or symlink to ~/.talon/user/

See for supported commands.


Most of the nontrivial commands are implemented as follows:

  • sends ctrl-cmd-shift-alt-t to Atom
  • if the command needs parameters, the Atom extension captures all keyboard input until enter is pressed
  • sends the parameters and enter to Atom

This approach was chosen (over an out-of-band communication) to prevent out-of-order command execution in Atom.

To add a command:

  • add it to COMMANDS in both commands.js and
    • for now, command instructions are single-letter
  • write the implementation in commands.js
    • if the command needs parameters such as line numbers or search words, it must return a callback function. The callback is called with the parameter string when enter has been pressed.
    • if the command doesn't need parameters, it must not return function.
  • add something to that triggers the command.
  • make a pull request

NB: Talon sends the command and parameters to Atom one keypress at a time. For performance reasons, keep the parameters string short.