A vibrant colour scheme with git-gutter and SublimeLinter support. It supports over 75 languages
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Wildlife Gutter theme
Supported Languages.txt
Wildlife - Day.tmTheme
Wildlife - Night.tmTheme


#Wildlife Color Scheme Wildlife colour scheme


This is a vibrant color scheme with git-gutter and gutter linter support. It supports over 75 languages (See supported languages in the Supported Languages.txt).


Color scheme

It has two options (Day and Night) to choose from.

Restructured text linting preview

Sublime linter support

It has five options to choose from.

See Wildlife Gutter theme for screenshots.

Note: You don't need to install Wildlife gutter theme if you like it as it already comes with Wildlife theme.

Sublime linter preview

Git gutter support

It also supports git gutter.

Git gutter preview


See Installation manual for details.

Activating the color Scheme

From the menubar, click preferences -> Color Scheme - Default and choose any of Wildlife two options.


All contributions are welcome. Just Fork it .


© 2015 Taiwo Kareem | taiwo.kareem36@gmail.com.

This is free software. It is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to use this in your own work. However, if you modify and/or redistribute it, please attribute me in some way, and it would be great if you distribute your work under this or a similar license, but it's not required.


I'd first like to say a very big thank you to God my creator. Without him, this wouldn't be possible. Secondly, to Matt Morrison for inspiration from his theme on how to highlight nested json strings.

Created using Python's Sublime scheme, a version of Ruby's Sublime theme.

Other Screenshot

Ruby on rails preview

JSON preview

or check the preview folder