Simple web application build with spring boot.
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#simple web app with spring boot

This project contains a simple web application demo, which is build with spring boot and some common spring components.

The project is based on:

  • spring-boot
  • spring-webmvc
  • spring-security
  • spring-data-jpa
  • tomcat
  • thymeleaf
  • hibernate-validator

Building Spring Boot Application

The spring demo application can be build with maven or gradle. To build the application as executable JAR use the maven goal:

mvn package

The application can be started by:

java -jar target/simpleweb-springboot-*.jar 

With Gradle the application can be build by the following Gradle command:

gradlew build

Now the application can be started by the following command

java -jar build/libs/simpleweb-springboot.jar

Hot Deployment with Spring loaded and JHipster

Since Spring Boot version 1.3.x spring loaded is not needed anymore. To hot reload the application Spring DevTools now can be used.

Spring Boot 1.3 DevTools includes an embedded LiveReload server, to get a browser plugin see here.

Run Spring Boot Sample

To start the web application invoke:

./gradlew bootRun

Open the URL http://localhost:8080 in a web browser. Login with the username "spring" and password "boot".

Import into Eclipse

The eclipse project configurations files can be build with gradle, invoke gradle:

./gradlew eclipse

Or invoke the maven goal:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

Build Docker Image

To build the docker image with gradle invoke

./gradlew build buildDocker

With maven the docker image can be build by invoke the maven goal

mvn clean package docker:build

Tutorial how to crate a docker image for a spring boot application see here.