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Bootstrap Release Working Group
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Bootstrap Release Working Group

Release schedule

Release Status Initial Release Active LTS Start Maintenance LTS Start End-of-life
2.x End-of-life 2013-07-18 - - 2013-08-19
3.x End-of-life 2013-08-19 2014-11-01 2016-09-05 2019-07-24
4.x Active LTS 2018-01-18 upon 4.4 release 4.4 release + 6 months 4.4 maintenance + 6 months
5.x Active TBD TBD TBD TBD

Warning: Dates may vary widely. We are actively working on strengthening timeline assurances.

LTS schedule

Release plan

New releases of Bootstrap are made from the master branch to the Active major version. At times to be determined by the release working group, major versions will be frozen and transitioned to Long Term Support (LTS). A long term support branch will be forked from master, making way for semver-major changes to be made on master and a new Active major version to be prepared.

A version in Long Term Support should not have new features landed without a compelling reason. It may continue to receive:

  • Bug fixes
  • Security updates
  • Documentation updates

After a determined period of time, versions in Long Term Support will be deep-frozen and transition to Maintenance.

Versions in Maintenance should not have any changes landed, except for:

  • Critical bug fixes
  • Critical security updates
  • Important documentation updates

Unless a change is urgent, Maintenance releases are likely to be made with minimal frequency.

LTS team members



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