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Some capistrano-recipes .. and .. an Except-Script if you deploy an private-git-repository
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Some capistrano-recipes for our deployment .. still in development!

Code is inspired by:


add magic_recipes to your Gemfile

gem 'magic_recipes', :require => nil

install the gem

$ bundle install

run the generator

$ rails g magic_recipes:capify

edit 'config/deploy'

enjoy some magic!


  • add tests (rspec+cucumber)
  • make expect-cap-task (bin/*_cap)
  • improve: passenger, unicorn rbenv, postgesql, nodejs, gems, db, git, rvm
  • add: puma, varnish, search-stuff, vps-stuff


and in use .. but not tested

  • nginx
  • thin
  • assets
  • private_pub ... needs nginx_tcp_proxy_module for nginx
  • sqlite ... this is more for test & try pupose (save .sqlite and copy to current after deploy)

More .. ( special feature )

There's also an Except-Script (bin/git_cap) which is great if you use a private-git-repository ... so you don't need to provide your git-username and git-password twice every deploy.


$ rails g magic_recipes:git_cap                 # => from app folder .. copy git_cap file
$ git_cap git_name git_password                 # => from app folder .. start silent depoy

or add an alias in ~/.profile | ~/.bash_rc

alias git_deploy='./git_cap git_name git_password'

and start with

$ git_deploy


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

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