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GRead, a Google Reader application, by S.Angel / Twidi <>

GRead, in Python and QT, is created for Maemo but also works on my linux desktop.

It uses libgreader (see my fork :, forked from

The main goal is to have a Google Reader application as good as the "Newsrob" one on Android i used before having my Nokia n900.

The first step is to create an application with the basics, as we have in the "grr" application for Maemo (
The next step is to add offline capabilities.

This firs step is currently done minus keybord shortcuts, but with many improvements:

- more settings (for interface)
- works too on 2G/3G (for me grr works only on wifi)
- auto-rotation
- thread for network operations
- manage auto-reconnect, detect lack of connectivity (all operations will be done when the network is available)
- allow to show original feed content in the application (using QTWebkit) or in the browser
- see more special feeds (shared and starred, but also "all", "friends", "notes"...)
- scroll long titles

There is some little bugs like unread count not always sync in feeds list when some item are read (without doing a resync)

To launch it, simply execute the file in the src directory

PS : if they are not installed you can install necessary packages :

root# apt-get install python2.5-qt4 python2.5-qt4-webkit python-simplejson


Google Reader application in QT (work in Maemo and classic desktop)



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