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Collection of SWG-NGE mods that I have made.
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Collection of SWG mods that I have made. These are all for NGE version.

Silent Crafting Stations Mod

  • does exactly what the name implies

No Squint Mod (Vanilla v7 release 4/9/2018) (Legends FULL VERSION updated 3/30/2019)

#f03c15 Note: This mod is not compatible with ILM, or other font mods that increase size, please remove/disable those when using this one.

The main mod file is based on the last official patch from SOE in the leaked code. Since all servers have their own way of updating game files, a server specific version may be needed. Full versions are available below.

  • This mod resizes elements / increases font sizes for screens with 1920x1080 resolution and higher. Yes it will work fine on a 4k screen, feedback from folks using it on 4k says it helps quite a bit. For best results on a 4k screen set your in-game resolution to 1920x1080
  • Entertainer image designer has been redone so that the color palletes are easier to see.
  • Crafting windows tweaked for readability and also color pallettes.
  • Mail, various lists and dialogues.
  • Lots of HUD elements resized to accomodate font increases including both ground and space.
  • There's actually just too much to list here. Try it out, if you don't like it you can always delete.
  • (more updates will be coming as I have not gotten to everything yet, check back for updates)

A few ScreenShots can be viewed in this thread

Note: As of v3, this mod resizes the main game menu (ground). To avoid it going offscreen and having to do a /ui hudreset... before you apply this mod, go ingame and move that game menu (the little silver button) toward the center of screen on ALL toons. After the mod has been applied you can then place it back wherever you want. If you had v3 (or higher) in the past and are just upgrading there should be no need to do this.

v5 contains a new ground chatbox that is deskinned. It borrows elements from the space chatbox. This was done to facilitate making the static elements in it bigger to accomodate larger fonts. If you would prefer the old chatbox back but still use this mod simply delete the in the SWG ui folder.

For those that ask about chat bubbles and game objects, there are sliders for both in the in-game options. Chat Bubbles: Options -> Chat -> Chat Bubble Font Size (slider) and for game objects in spacial: Options -> Misc -> Object Name Font Size (slider)


  • Download server specific zip (if available, if not just use vanilla) and extract into your base SWG game folder. Full version for Legends now provided, no need to download two zips.
  • Restart the game.


  • remove ui folder, unpack new zip.


Simply delete the files it placed in your SWG folder.


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