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Travis CI


Automation (remote control) of Jenkins tasks. Includes a class autojenkins.Jenkins that you can use to drive Jenkins.

Things you can do with it:

  • Copy a job (e.g. from a template job)
  • Delete a job
  • Obtain the config.xml file for that job
  • Trigger building of a job
  • Obtain latest execution results
  • ...

Sample use:

from autojenkins import Jenkins

j = Jenkins('')

# trigger a manual build and check results'warehouse-screens-us544_login')

# get only the result string (one of 'SUCCESS', 'UNSTABLE', 'FAILURE'):

# get the configuration file for a job:

# Create a new job from a job named 'template', replacing variables
j.create_copy('my-new-job', 'template',

# build'my-new-job')

# enable or disable

# check result and delete if successful:
result = j.last_result('my-new-job')['result']
if result == 'SUCCESS':


If your Jenkins server uses authentication, you can use HTTP basic authentication in this way:

jenkins = Jenkins('http://jenkins', auth=('user', 'pass'))

Note that you can use either a cleartext password or a Jenkins API token as the password.