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@typicode typicode released this 25 Jan 02:25
· 47 commits to main since this release

Kicking off the year with an exciting update!


Improved user experience and a (even) smaller package size while packing in more features!

Note: install using husky@latest to get the bug fixes that were released after.

πŸ‘‹ By the Way

I'm available for remote work (Front-end/Back-end mainly JS/TS but open to other stacks Rails, Go, Elixir). You can contact me at my mail: typicode at gmail πŸ™‚

Introducing husky init


npm pkg set scripts.prepare="husky install"
npm run prepare
npx husky add .husky/pre-commit "npm test"


Adding husky to a project is now easier than ever. It's just a single line that does the same as above. No need to read the docs to get started anymore.

npx husky init

Adding a New Hook


npx husky add  .husky/pre-commit "npm test"
git add --chmod=+x .husky/pre-commit # On Windows


Adding a hook is as simple as creating a file. This can be accomplished using your favorite editor, a script or a basic echo command. For example, on Linux/macOS:

echo "npm test" > .husky/pre-commit

Further Size Reduction

v8 was already the most compact Git hooks manager at approximately 6kB.

v9 takes this a step further, reducing the size to just 3kB, likely making it the smallest devDependency in your toolkit.

To give you an idea of how small it is, the biggest file in the project is the MIT license πŸ˜„

More to Come

Additional features are in the pipeline for v9. Stay tuned πŸ™Œ

Other Changes

  • Enhanced security with CI and npm --provenance for safer publishing.
  • Added $XDG_CONFIG_HOME support. Move ~/.huskyrc to ~/.config/husky/ for centralized configuration.
  • Fixed permission issue for Windows-created hooks; they no longer need to be executable.
  • Removed husky install. Use husky or husky some/dir for the same functionality (deprecation notice to be added).
  • Modified behavior when .git is missing; it now triggers a warning instead of failure.
  • Replaced HUSKY_DEBUG=1 with HUSKY=2 for debugging.
  • Updated the Husky API for module usage.
  • Transitioned to ESM for module usage.
  • Dropped support for Node 14 and 16.
  • Revamped docs.

How to Migrate

v9 is backward compatible with v8, allowing you to freely upgrade and migrate your hooks later.

Here are the steps to migrate:


  "scripts": {
-   "prepare": "husky install"
+   "prepare": "husky"


- #!/usr/bin/env sh
- . "$(dirname -- "$0")/_/"
npm test 

Note: sh will be used to run hooks, even if a shebang is set.

If you were using husky as a module:

- const husky = require('husky')
- // ...
+ import husky from 'husky'
+ console.log(husky())