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A RESTful API back-end built with Ruby on Rails for PetPicker/PetSwipe
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PetPicker: Rails API CircleCI

The application is a RESTful Rails API that stores and serves user and pet information using JSON for a React front-end deployed here. The API endpoints are deployed here. The app is designed to create connections between pet owners and pet adopters, by allowing adopters to 'like' or 'nope' a series of pets.

Tools Used

  • Ruby 2.4.1
  • Rails 5.2.1
  • PostgreSQL

Local Set Up

If you'd like to contribute or run our test suite, run through the following commands:

  • Clone this application:
git clone
cd PetPicker
  • Run Bundle to install the gemfile:
bundle install
bundle update
  • Create and seed the database:
rake db:create
rake db:migrate
rake db:seed
  • Run the test suite:


If you would like to consume our data these are the following endpoints that are available:

All endpoints begin with:

POST /users

Creates a user with params:

{user: {name: "bob", password: "1234", description: "I like puppies", pic: "", role:adopter}}

Role is an enum including owner and adopter. Anything other than owner will create an adopter

PATCH /users/:id - Updats a user with the same params

GET /users - Logs in a user by checking a password against a secure hashed database with params:

{name: "bob, password: "1234"}

DELETE /users/:id - updates the user

POST /users/:id/pets - creates a pet with params:

{pet: {name: "fido", species:"dog", description: "I'm a puppy", pic: ""}}

GET /users/:id/pets - Gets up to 10 pets that the user has not seen before

GET /users/:id/matches - Gets 'matches' - for an owner, this is the adopters that have likes their pets for an adopter, this is the pets that they have liked and the owner has matched them for

POST /users/:user_id/matches/:match_id - An adopter changes the connection with an adopter from a 'like' to a 'match'

POST /users/:id/connections - adopter like a pet with params:

{pet_id: 1}

DELETE /users/:id/connections - adopter nopes a pet with same params.


  • Tyler Westlie - Initial work - Github
  • Steve Schwedt - Initial work - Github
  • Theresa Marquis - Initial work - Github
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