Lightweight protocol for reliable communication in aerospace and robotic applications via robust vehicle bus networks

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  1. specification

    The UAVCAN specification documents are maintained here. Also, this is the place for relevant discussions and propositions.

    TeX 5 2

  2. dsdl

    Regulated DSDL definitions for UAVCAN (standard and third-party)

    Python 11 30

  3. libuavcan

    Portable reference implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack in C++ for embedded systems and Linux.

    C++ 135 360

  4. pyuavcan

    Python implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack.

    Python 23 25

  5. gui_tool

    Cross-platform GUI application for UAVCAN bus management and diagnostics

    Python 22 21

  6. uavcan.rs

    no std uavcan lib in rust. For embedded and general software.

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