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  1. image-matching-benchmark image-matching-benchmark Public

    Public release of the Image Matching Benchmark:

    Jupyter Notebook 501 91

  2. COTR COTR Public

    Code release for "COTR: Correspondence Transformer for Matching Across Images"(ICCV 2021)

    Python 441 56

  3. image-matching-benchmark-baselines image-matching-benchmark-baselines Public

    Baselines for the Image Matching Benchmark and Challenge

    Jupyter Notebook 220 39

  4. vivid123 vivid123 Public

    [CVPR 2024] ViVid-1-to-3: Novel View Synthesis with Video Diffusion Models

    Python 107 4

  5. StableKeypoints StableKeypoints Public

    Jupyter Notebook 65 6

  6. RefTR RefTR Public

    Official Implementation for paper "Referring Transformer: A One-step Approach to Multi-task Visual Grounding" Neurips 2021

    Python 60


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