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AppDaemon App that makes Amazon Alexa speak out the time every hour, half hour or quarter hour (Home Assistant)
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Alexa Talking Clock : AppDaemon App (HASS) 🐔


Amazon Alexa will keep on reminding you of the time from morning till night and also courteously greet with a good morning, good afternoon, and a good night & sweet dreams all without you having to lift a finger (or speak a word). Sweet!


NEEDS THE Alexa Media Player HACS Integration from Keaton Taylor and Alan Tse

Use HACS or download the alexa_talking_clock directory from inside the apps directory here to your local apps directory, then add the configuration to enable the alexa_talking_clock module.

App Configuration (config/appdaemon/apps/apps.yaml)

  module: alexa_talking_clock
  class: AlexaTalkingClock
  alexa: media_player.kitchen_alexa
  start_hour: 7
  start_minute: 0
  end_hour: 21
  end_minute: 0
  announce_hour: true
  announce_half_hour: true
  announce_quarter_hour: false
key optional type default description
module False string The module name of the app.
class False string The name of the Class.
alexa False string The Alexa device to target for the time reminder speech. You need the Alexa Media Player integration alive and kickin before you install this app.
start_hour False int The hour to start time remiders. This is in 24h format.
start_minute False int The minute to start time reminders. This can be 0, 15, 30, 45
end_hour False int The hour to end time remiders. This is in 24h format.
end_minute False int The minute to end time reminders. This can be 0, 15, 30, 45
announce_hour False bool Announce every hour (It's 8 AM, It's 9 AM)
announce_half_hour False bool Announce every half hour (It's 8 AM, It's 8:30 AM, It's 9 AM)
announce_quarter_hour False bool Announce every 15 minutes (It's 8 AM, It's 8:15 AM, It's 8:30 AM, It's 8:45 AM, It's 9 AM)

Thank you for your time! (get it ;)

This app was a result of my amazing wife's request (who is a mother of 2 beautiful princesses BTW) to help her manage her time wisely ;). So this is dedicated to my wife Reena, without whom this world would not be worth my time :)

This also wouldn't be possible without the amazing work done by the developers and community at Home Assistant, and of Keaton Taylor and Alan Tse on their Alexa Media Player integration for Home Assistant.

Ever since we've set this up in our home, it has become an indispensable part of our lives. It's amazing to see how a simple reminder of the current time in the day can make people more efficient :), I hope this app helps others as it has helped us.

If you like my work and feel gracious, you can buy me a beer below ;)

Buy Me A Beer


Apache-2.0. By providing a contribution, you agree the contribution is licensed under Apache-2.0. This is required for Home Assistant contributions.

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