Python metadata editing classes for ArcGIS feature classes
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Arcpy Metadata Editor (arcpy_metadata)

Whether you create it or not, metadata is a critical part of GIS analysis. ArcGIS includes a built-in GUI metadata editor, but has scant access to metadata properties from Python. The arcpy_metadata package provides this access, allowing large Python packages that generate their own geospatial outputs in ArcGIS to properly document the data.

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Getting arcpy_metadata

arcpy_metadata is pure Python and its only dependency is arcpy (installed with ArcGIS). It's available on the Python Package Index so you can get arcpy_metadata via pip (pip install arcpy_metadata).

If you don't have or don't know how to use pip, you can install arcpy_metadata by cloning/downloading this repository and running install in the root folder

Using arcpy_metadata

Creating the Metadata Editor

Edit existing metadata for Shapefiles, Rasters, FeatureClasses, RasterDatasets, MosaicDatasets or Layers

import arcpy_metadata as md
metadata = md.MetadataEditor(path_to_some_feature_class)  # currently supports Shapefiles, FeatureClasses, RasterDatasets and Layers

Edit or create an XML file directly

import arcpy_metadata as md
metadata = md.MetadataEditor(metadata_file="path/to/metadata_file.xml")  # currently supports Shapefiles, FeatureClasses, RasterDatasets and Layers

Choose your log level

metadata = md.MetadataEditor(path_to_some_feature_class, loglevel="DEBUG")  # use any of CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, NOTSET, dafault is INFO

Get text items (returns string)

title = metadata.title
abstract = metadata.abstract

Change text items

metadata.title = "The new title"
metadata.abstract = "This is the abstract"

Get list items (returns list)

tags = metadata.tags
for tag in tags:
    print tag

Change list items

metadata.tags = ["tag1", "tag2"]
metadata.tags[1] = "another tag"
metadata.tags.append("new tag")

Get numeric items (return int or float)

min_scale = metadata.min_scale
max_scale = metadata.max_scale

Change numeric items

metadata.min_scale = 500000
metadata.max_scale = 500

Get date items (returns date object)

last_update = metadata.last_update
last_update_year = metadata.last_update.year

Change date items (excepts datetime objects and formated string (yyyymmdd, yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss)

from datetime import date
today =
metadata.last_update = today
metadata.last_update = "20160221"

Get contact items (returns contact object)

contact = metadata.point_of_contact
contact_name = metadata.point_of_contact.contact_name
contact_email =

Change contact items (all contact items are string)

metadata.point_of_contact.contact_name = "First and Last Name" = ""

Edited nested lists

# make sure you have the right number of elements
# add new ones
while metadata.online_resource < 3:
# or delete spare once
while metadata.online_resource > 3:
metadata.online_resource[0].name = "First download link"
metadata.online_resource[0].link = "http://somelink"
metadata.online_resource[0].function = "download"
metadata.online_resource[1].name = "Second download link"
metadata.online_resource[1].link = "http://someotherlink"
metadata.online_resource[1].function = "download"
metadata.online_resource[2].name = "Third download link"
metadata.online_resource[2].link = "http://yetanotherdownloadlink"
metadata.online_resource[2].function = "download"

Remove all items from the geoprocessing history


Saving the changes back to the file # save the metadata back to file.
metadata.cleanup() # remove all temporary files.


metadata.finish()  # save() and cleanup() as one call

If you want to enable automatic updates of your metadata (feature classes only) call.


Supported items

Item description Internal name Type Location in ArcCatalog Path in ArcGIS XML file
Title title String Overview/ Item Description/ Title dataIdInfo/idCitation/resTitle
Abstract abstract String Overview/ Item Description/ Description dataIdInfo/idAbs
Purpose purpose String Overview/ Item Description/ Summery dataIdInfo/idPurp
Tags tags List Overview/ Item Description/ Tags dataIdInfo/searchKeys/keyword
Place Keywords place_keywords List Overview/ Topics & Keywords/ Place Keyword dataIdInfo/placeKeys/keyword
Extent Description extent_description String Resource/ Extents/ Extent/ Description dataIdInfo/dataExt/exDesc
Temporal Extent Description temporal_extent_description String dataIdInfo/dataExt/tempDesc
Temporal Extent Instance temporal_extent_instance Date Resource/ Extents/ Temporal Instance Extent/ Instance Date dataIdInfo/dataExt/tempEle/exTemp/TM_Instant/tmPosition
Temporal Extent Start Date temporal_extent_start Date Resource/ Extents/ Temporal Period Extent/ Begin Date dataIdInfo/dataExt/tempEle/exTemp/TM_Period/tmBegin
Temporal Extent End Date temporal_extent_end Date Resource/ Extents/ Temporal Period Extent/ End Date dataIdInfo/dataExt/tempEle/exTemp/TM_Period/tmEnd
Minimum Scale min_scale Integer Item Description/ Appropriate Scale Range/ Min Scale Esri/scaleRange/minScale
Maximum Scale max_scale Integer Item Description/ Appropriate Scale Range/ Max Scale Esri/scaleRange/maxScale
Scale Resolution scale_resolution Integer Resource/ Details/ Scale Resolution dataIdInfo/dataScale/equScale/rfDenom
Last Update last_update Date Overview/ Citation/ Dates/ Revised dataIdInfo/idCitation/date/reviseDate
Update Frequency Description update_frequency_description String Resource/ Maintenance/ Custom Frequency dataIdInfo/resMaint/usrDefFreq/duration
Credits credits String Overview/ Item Description/ Credits dataIdInfo/idCredit
Citation citation String Overview/ Citation/ Other Details dataIdInfo/idCitation/otherCitDet
Limitation limitation String Overview/ Item Description/ Use Limitation dataIdInfo/resConst/Consts/useLimit
Supplemental Information supplemental_information String Resource/ Supplemental Information dataIdInfo/suppInfo
Source source String Resource/ Lineage/ Data Source/ Source Description dqInfo/dataLineage/dataSource/srcDesc
Points of contact point_of_contact ContactObj Resource/ Details/ Points of Contact/ Contact/ dataIdInfo/idPoC
Maintenance Contacts maintenance_contact ContactObj Resource/ Maintenance/ Maintenance Contact/ dataIdInfo/maintCont
Citation Contacts citation_contact ContactObj Overview/ Citation Contact/ Contact/ dataIdInfo/idCitation/citRespParty
Language language String Resource/ Detail/ Languages/ Language dataIdInfo/dataLang
Metadata Language metadata_language String Metadata/ Detail/ Language dataIdInfo/mdLang
Alternate Title alternate_title String Overview/Citation/Titles/Alternate Title dataIdInfo/idCitation/resAltTitle
Identifier Code (1) identifier_code1 String Overview/Citation/Identifier/Code dataIdInfo/idCitation/citId/identCode
Identifier Code (2) identifier_code2 String Overview/Citation/Identifier/Authority Citation/Identifier/Code dataIdInfo/idCitation/citId/identAuth/citId/identCode
Identifier Code (3) identifier_code3 String Overview/Citation/Identifier/Authority Citation/Identifier/Authority Citation/Identifier/Code dataIdInfo/idCitation/citId/identAuth/citId/identAuth/citId/identCode
Identifier Code (4) identifier_code4 String Resource/Lineage/Data Source/Reference System/Authority Citation/Identifier/Code dqInfo/dataLineage/dataSource/srcRefSys/identAuth/citId/identCode
Metadata File Identifier file_identifier String Metadata/Details/File Idnetifier mdFileID
Dataset URI dataset_uri String Metadata/Details/Dataset URI dataSetURI
Resource Label resource_label String Resource/Fields/Details/Label eainfo/detailed/enttyp/enttypl
Format format String Resource/Distribution/Distribution Format/Format Name distInfo/distFormat/formatName

Contact items

Item description Internal name Type Relative path in ArcGIS XML file
Contact Name contact_name String ./rpIndName
Position position String ./rpPosName
Organization organization String ./rpOrgName
Email email String ./rpCntInfo/eMailAdd
Address address String ./rpCntInfo/cntAddress/delPoint
City city String rpCntInfo/./cntAddress/City
State state String rpCntInfo/./cntAddress/adminArea
Zip zip String rpCntInfo/./cntAddress/postCode
Country country String ./rpCntInfo/cntAddress/country
Phone Nb phone_nb String ./rpCntInfo/cntPhone/voiceNum
Fax Nb fax_nb String ./rpCntInfo/cntPhone/faxNum
Hours hours String ./rpCntInfo/cntHours
Instructions instructions String ./rpCntInfo/cntInstr
Website Link link String ./rpCntInfo/cntOnlineRes/linkage
Protocol protocol String ./rpCntInfo/cntOnlineRes/protocol
Profile profile String ./rpCntInfo/cntOnlineRes/appProfile
Website Name or_name String ./rpCntInfo/cntOnlineRes/orName
Website Description or_desc String ./rpCntInfo/cntOnlineRes/orDesc

Online Resource Items

Item description Internal name Type Relative path in ArcGIS XML file
Link link String ./linkage
Protocol protocol String ./protocol
Profil profile String ./appProfile
Name name String ./orName
Description description String ./orDesc
Function function String ./orFunct/OnFunctCd

Don't see the item you need? Read more about how to extend arcpy_metadata to work with other metadata elements it doesn't yet handle in

Python and ArcGIS Support

arcpy_metadata runs on Python 2 and 3, which means it can, at a basic level, be used both with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pro doesn't yet have some of the metadata export functions that arcpy_metadata relies on though, so, as of version 0.5, you must specify a path to a metadata XML file, or use a dataset that already has its metadata in an accessible XML format (e.g. Shapefile), in order to use arcpy_metadata in ArcGIS Pro. All features work in ArcMap/Python 2.

Under the hood

arcpy_metadata uses the strategy of exporting the metadata from the layer, then edits the xml export based on your method calls. When you're done, use finish() to save your data back to the source.

Known limitations

Does not yet support all metadata items.

arcpy_metadata only works with 32-bit Python. We use arcpy.XSLTransform_conversion() to extract metadata from geodatabases. 64bit arcpy python bindings for background processing do not support tools inside the metadata conversion toolset.

How to contribute

Contributions are well come! Please fork and submit pull requests. If you are missing a particular metadata attribute, you can easiy add them here. Don't forget to also add them to the test cases to make sure everything works as expected


arcpy_metadata was initially a project of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and has received significant contributions from the World Resources Institute. It was created as part of a larger project funded by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Biogeographic Data Branch and further developed for Global Forest Watch. We thank our funders for their support and their commitment to high quality geospatial data.