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Black Metropolis Research Consortium (BMRC)

Website for the Black Metropolis Research Consortium, a Chicago-based membership association of libraries, universities, and other archival institutions.

Mocks for approval process can be found at:

Documents (Only viewable to UChicago folks)

Running an Instance of the Site

  1. Start the dev environment from the root of the project directory: vagrant up
  2. ssh to the guest machine: vagrant ssh
  3. Activate the virualenv and navigate to the root directory: source bmrc/bin/activate && cd /vagrant/
  4. Start the Django dev server: ./ runserver

Making Changes

  • Model Changes: Run python makemigrations, then python migrate to update the database with your model changes. You must run the above commands each time you make changes to the model definition.
  • CSS and JS Changes: Kill the server, ./ collectstatic, restart server
  • Other Errors: Try running pip install -r requirements.txt
  • If running vagrant on local: Installing pip packages & upgrades require adding package to requirements.txt, vagrant destroy, and vagrant up rather than the regular pip install method.

Pushing to Production

  • ssh to aerie
  • cd /data/aerie/ ; source venv3.8/bin/activate ; cd sites/bmrc/bmrc
  • git remote update
  • git status
  • git pull origin master
  • ./ migrate only needed if made migrations
  • ./ compress
  • ./ collectstatic
  • sudo service apache24 restart

Pushing to the Test Site

The test instance should mirror the production site, less any features being tested at the time. The test server is bmrc-test ; it is hosted on crib

  • ssh to crib
  • cd /data/crib/ ; source venv3.8/bin/activate ; cd sites/bmrc-test/bmrc
  • git remote update
  • git status
  • git checkout {{ branch-name }}
  • git pull origin {{ branch-name }}
  • ./ migrate only needed if made migrations
  • ./ compress
  • ./ collectstatic
  • sudo service apache24 restart

Caching Issues

If your changes aren't loading into production, try:

  • Compress, collectstatic, and restart apache again
  • Clear the Wagtail cache in Wagtail settings
  • Clear the Django cache manually
./ shell
from django.core.cache import cache

Fixed Pages

The following URLs are hardcoded in templates. In cases where these URLs point to editable Page objects, moving these pages will result in 404 errors.

  • /news/
  • /news/newsletter-signup/
  • /news/support-bmrc/
  • /portal/
  • /portal/about/
  • /portal/browse/
  • /portal/curated/
  • /portal/help/
  • /portal/search/
  • /portal/view/

Search Portal

Site visitors can search and browse member finding aids using the website. Currently the site accepts EAD 2002 finding aids only. Documents that do not use the EAD namespace will be converted to a form that uses the namespace when they're ingested. EAD 3 is currently not supported.

To facilitate browsing, the site uses MarkLogic Collections. Collections are represented by URIs, e.g., and each collection contains one or more finding aids. To browse all collections and finding aids currently on the site, use the following management command:

python browse

MarkLogic Settings

See your local settings for database connection configuration.

Connecting to our MarkLogic server from a dev machine

If you're running the site on a development machine, you'll need to set up a tunnel for SSH connections. Run a command like the one below in a new console window:

ssh -D 9090 -q -C -N <cnetid>@<staff-host>

Deleting all finding aids

To delete all finding aids in the database:

python delete-all-finding-aids

Loading new finding aids

First, create a local directory of regularized finding aids (i.e., run the regularize.xsl transform before loading.)

python regularize_finding_aids <finding_aid_dir> <regularized_finding_aid_dir>

Then create browse indexes based on regularized finding aids and upload
everything to the server:

python load-finding-aids <regularized_finding_aid_dir>

Portal Homepage

The portal homepage includes several content areas that change.

Curated Topics and Featured Curated Topic

The featured curated topic changes automatically every week. To add new featured curated topics, add new child pages under /portal/curated/ in the Wagtail admin. To chnage the image that appears on the portal homepage for a specific curated topic, edit the curated topic page.

Exhibits and Featured Exhibit

The featured exhibit is set manually- to change it, log into the Wagtail admin and edit the portal home page. To add new featured exhibits, add child pages to /portal/exhibits/. To change the image that appears on the portal homepage for a specific featured exhibit, edit the exhibit page.

Topics and Featured Topic

The featured topic changes every time the portal homepage is reloaded. Featured topics are extracted from the database itself. To see how different EAD tags translate into specific topics, see the source code behind the load-finding-aids management command. The image that appears on the portal homepage is editable. Log into the Wagtail admin and look for images with the rollowing filenames:

  • homepage_facet_image_decades.jpg
  • homepage_facet_image_organizations.jpg
  • hoempage_facet_image_people.jpg
  • homepage_facet_image_places.jpg
  • homepage_facet_image_topics.jpg

Featured Archive

The portal homepage includes a featured archive which rotates automatically once a month. Archives are editable in the Wagtail admin- see the "Archives" section of the Wagtail admin sidebar. To change the rotation order, see the order attribute of each object in the admin interface. The lowest order index appears/appeared as the featured archive in February 2022. To see a report of order indexes for all archives, see the following management command:

python report-member-highlight-monthly-display


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