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Calisphere / Shared DAMS Code

code developed for the University of California Libraries Digital Collections Project


  1. public_interface public_interface Public

    Forked from JoelCDL/public_interface

    Calisphere public interface source code (UCLDC Project) master branch should match live site

    HTML 2 5

  2. harvester harvester Public

    Harvester for the ucldc solr index. Pushes content into the raw solr index.

    Python 3 5

  3. solr_api solr_api Public

    Solr configuration and velocity templates for the UCLDC project

    SCSS 2 2

  4. nuxeo_spreadsheet nuxeo_spreadsheet Public

    Importing data to Nuxeo

    Python 3 5

  5. pynux pynux Public

    python function library for working with nuxeo "REST" APIs.

    Python 2 6

  6. nxcli nxcli Public

    Forked from tingletech/nx

    nuxeo command line helper

    JavaScript 1 2


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