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Personal Goals

Personal goals made open source for accessibility across computers I use, transparency, accountability, and versioning. Learn more about it here.

Overarching Goals for 2017: Make an Impact

  1. JavaScript
  2. Be a Teacher
  3. Stay Experimental
  4. Publish a Book
  5. Start Running Again

I'm also doing 5 25-Days Projects in 2017:

  1. Running
  2. 🌀 Writing Letters
  3. Mentorship
  4. Dev Doodles
  5. Meditation (23 consecutive)

[Date Normally Goes Here]

This Week's Focus: N/A

Things I'll do This Week:

I haven't done this in a while, since I've moved to my bullet journal in September. However, you can look through the archive for ideas :) It's helped me for about 3 years!

Things I'll Do in the Future:

  • Read through all of Google's Web Fundamentals
  • Build something cool with Arduino
  • Create my own, or work on helping build a cleaner JS presentation framework
  • Create a typeface (hand-lettered monospace)
  • Make an electron app
  • Build a SlackBot (MyTime)
  • Every Day App (Happy moments or X-Days Projects)
  • Take this online elecctronics class
  • Finish JavaScript 30
  • "Walk Me Through JS" Video Series
  • Toolsday & Web Love stickers
  • Implement offline support for my blog
  • Build an Offline Web App (Heiroglyph)
  • Raise money for women in tech organizations
  • Read Resilient Web Design


Personal goals made public :)






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