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uWSGI application server container

fixed #846

latest commit b60d9822e6
unbit authored
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apache2 another check for mod_proxy_uwsgi
bin completetd gemspec
buildconf request buffer_size is now 64bit (except for uwsgi protocol)
contrib Python 3 compatibility
core fixed #846
examples fixed scripts/tests making use of dynamic options
ext/uwsgi Add :use_ssl=>true to extconf.rb
lib linux_ns: fix memory leak
plugins attempt to fix #833
proto Merge pull request #814 from xrmx/coverity150114-3
t fixed #846
tests the asyncio plugin (experimental)
valgrind more suppressions
vassals fixed permissions of files
vhosttest fixed permissions of files
.gitignore uwsgi-2.1 merged to master
.travis.yml Drop Python 3.1 and Add 3.4.
INSTALL fixed permissions of files
LICENSE move uWSGI 1.9 to GPL2 + linking exception
Makefile hack for adding an empty DEBUG section to the uwsgi core binary
README Update README fixed the installer now wants absolute binary path
logo_uWSGI.png fixed permissions of files
logo_uWSGI.svg Create logo_uWSGI.svg
mongrel2-uwsgi.conf fixed permissions of files add alternate impl fixed #339
uwsgi.gemspec ready for 2.0.7
uwsgi.h added --emperor-wrapper-override and --emperor-wrapper-fallback
uwsgi_main.c added uwsgi_main.c support yajl brew Fix invalid 'args' and 'kwargs' decoding in python3
uwsgidsl.rb fixed permissions of files


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