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uWSGI application server container
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Latest commit b0bc5a9 @methane methane committed with xrmx Fix inheriting INET address
Using a configuration like this:

http-socket =

caused uwsgi to refuse connections from http proxy when reloading
Failed to load latest commit information.
apache2 Spelling fixes
bin completetd gemspec
buildconf buildconf/coverity: drop gccgo as it does not compile with modern gcc
contrib Tidy with flake8
core Fix inheriting INET address
examples Spelling fixes
ext/uwsgi Add :use_ssl=>true to extconf.rb
lib linux_ns: fix memory leak
plugins pypy: fixup print syntax for python 3
proto fixed #948
t added bigranges sharedarea tests
tests misc: Eliminate blind excepts
valgrind more suppressions
vassals fixed permissions of files
vhosttest Tidy with flake8
.gitignore uwsgi-2.1 merged to master
.travis.yml Drop Python 3.1 and Add 3.4.
CONTRIBUTORS added Vladimir Didenko to CONTRIBUTORS and report CA errors only on s…
INSTALL fixed permissions of files
LICENSE move uWSGI 1.9 to GPL2 + linking exception
Makefile hack for adding an empty DEBUG section to the uwsgi core binary
README Update README fixed Retrieve uwsgi via HTTPS in the script.
logo_uWSGI.png fixed permissions of files
logo_uWSGI.svg Create logo_uWSGI.svg
mongrel2-uwsgi.conf fixed permissions of files Tidy with flake8 misc: Eliminate blind excepts
uwsgi.gemspec ready for 2.0.7
uwsgi.h Spelling fixes
uwsgi_main.c added uwsgi_main.c Spelling fixes uwsgidecorators: Eliminate blind excepts
uwsgidsl.rb fixed permissions of files


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