Kill Your Desktop (OS X only).
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Kill Your Desktop (OS X only).

tl;dr: If you want to hide your desktop on OS X, you can use this module... or just run the following:

defaults write CreateDesktop false


$ npx kill-desktop-osx


No more desktop! You can't drag stuff on there and all the icons are gone. The folder is still there and works normally, it's just no longer ruining your sweet wallpaper and stressing you out and messing up your life.

Feeling remorse? It's ok.

$ npx kill-desktop-osx unkill


Other valid commands: resurrect, restore, revive, undo, jk, I'm sorry, my god, what have I done, this wasn't supposed to happen, forgive me

In fact any words will be fine, because running it a second time will just undo it no matter what.

Node API

This also works as a regular node module, like so:

npm install kill-desktop-osx
var killDesktop = require('kill-desktop-osx')
var state = killDesktop()

state will be 'dead' if desktop was killed, 'alive' if desktop was resurrected.


This module is just a silly wrapper around these commands:

defaults read CreateDesktop
defaults write CreateDesktop false
defaults write CreateDesktop true
killall Finder


Contributions welcome! Please read the contributing guidelines before getting started.