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University of Bamberg

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  1. libbidib libbidib Public

    A library for communication with a BiDiB ( system using a serial connection.

    C 10 4

  2. DSIbin DSIbin Public archive

    Contains the front-end component DSIbin, its DSIcore algorithm implementation, and the DSIref type-refinement component

    Scala 9

  3. DSIbin-inst DSIbin-inst Public archive

    A binary instrumentation Pin tool used for DSIbin

    C++ 7

  4. swtbahn-cli swtbahn-cli Public

    A client-server command line interface for the SWTbahn.

    C 6 3

  5. ia-toolset ia-toolset Public

    Toolset for IAM interface theory with textual language, code editor, simulator and debugger

    Kotlin 3

  6. ShaPE ShaPE Public archive

    ShaPE, a Shape Predicate Extractor.

    Python 2


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