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Grails backend for mappu
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Mapsocial is the name of the Grails backend for Mappu

Whats is Mappu? Mappu is all this

Mapsocial is the component that provides an (almost) RESTful interface to Mappu so that it can do all the awesome stuff it does and a minimal configuration UI. Nothing flashy here, sorry.

The gory details

Mapsocial requires Grails 1.3.6 to build.

Please note that if you just want it to use a different DataSource configuration that can be easily achieved by:

  1. defining a GRAILS_CONFIG variable which must be visible to the servlet container running Mapsocial. For tomcat you can easily do that dy adding this line to
export GRAILS_CONFIG=/a/directory/of/your/choice
  1. create a file named in the directory defined at the previous item. For an example of the content, see below
  2. restart tomcat
  3. deploy mapsocial if not already deployed

Sample configuration file

# Save in a file called in $GRAILS_CONFIG
# GRAILS_CONFIG is an env var visible to the servlet container
# pointing to the directory where the configs are stored

# default values provided as example
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